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The Deck Builders Fargo ND Locals Trust On!

While a typical deck is situated on a portion of your home, a wraparound deck “wraps” around your home’s exterior. Simply put, it encircles your property from the outside. However, a few designs extend only on two sides. 

This offers a perfect way to enjoy nature, relax, and unwind from all corners of your home. While a standard deck is accessible from a single side of your home, you can reach a wraparound deck from various doors in your home – think hallway, room, or kitchen door. 

Deck Builders Fargo North Dakota experts take pride in offering quality wraparound deck services. Whether you want to go for an entire deck around your property or want one for two sides, we offer you genuine advice considering your needs.

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Benefits of Wraparound Deck

Wondering how a wraparound deck will add to your lifestyle? Here are a few benefits of including one in your home.


Everybody likes to use the wraparound decks differently. Maybe your children want to have a balloon fight on it, and your spouse wants to have a BBQ dinner with their friends. A wraparound deck offers you the chance to customize it to fit everyone’s needs. 


A deck situated on the front or back of your home will not be comfortable in sweltering summers. The glaring sun would be unbearable, and you’d need to go inside the home despite wanting to stay outside. With a wraparound deck, you can choose to move out or in the sun per your liking. 


A wraparound deck offers greater versatility because you can install other features. For instance, you can include a screen to keep the pests away, add a roof to stop the train, and also include electronic outlets. Further, ceiling fans for summers and lights for nights are a few other options to consider.  

Wraparound Deck Placement

Wraparound decks need appropriate placement because of their shape and size. For this reason alone, engineers show great attention to detail to make the area suitable for a wraparound deck. 

  • Runoff. If your area experiences frequent rain spells, they’d need to check the route of the gutters. This would ensure that the ground isn’t soggy. Otherwise, it’ll damage the deck material over time. 
  • Terrain. If your house is located on a hillside, construction workers will do extra work to prepare it for a deck. Perhaps they cannot include a wraparound deck on the sloppy ground, and they’d need to make the surface even and plain to ensure a quality installation. 
  • Overgrowth. A wraparound deck also requires removing obstructions that might hinder the process. For instance, you must get rid of stumps, trees, and stones for a successful installation. 

Tips to Take Your Deck to the Next Level

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There are endless ways to improve wraparound deck installation. However, you must choose skilled contractors for the project for a positive outcome. Here are a few ways to nail your wraparound deck. 

If you’re an introvert, we bet you dislike an outsider watching you as you enjoy a blissful evening on your deck. This is something you need to consider pre-installation. Because the deck extends on two sides of your property, you must choose an area with enough privacy. 

You can consider railing options for privacy. 

Besides, sharing this with your contractor will come in handy. Perhaps they’ll offer more options for better privacy. 

Everybody has different needs for their deck. If you wish to utilize it as a dining area, you must situate it near your kitchen. This will make it convenient for you to carry things in and out.

Whether you prefer to sunbathe or keep cool, your needs and wishes will affect where you choose to place your deck. 

If you like natural sunlight exposure, you must pick a portion that provides optimal sunlight and enough shade. You can also consider sun shades and pergolas options. 

Do not hesitate to think of even the craziest ideas for your deck. It’s your place, and you can make the most out of it. From featuring a hot tub to adding decorative plants, you can turn your wraparound porch into something you always dreamt of. 

A wraparound deck is an excellent way to utilize your home’s extra space. The right construction takes skill, creativity, and experience. At Deck Repair Fargo ND, we believe in thinking out of the box to make every wraparound project interesting. 

We aim to offer distinctive ideas to maximize the space available outside your home. You can communicate your needs and leave the rest to us.